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Aristocratic Russian


Original Name : Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya

Type : Graioid

Male size : 29½-33½ inches

Female size : 26¾-30¾ inches

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Russian Federation


Borzois have been an integral part of Russian history and culture for nine centuries. The 11th century French Chronicle reports that the Grand Prince of Kiev’s daughter Anna Yaroslavna arrived in France with three Borzois ahead of her marriage to Henri I. Other owners and breeders of note include tsars and poets like Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Nicolas II, Pushkin and Turgenev. The Grand Duke Nicolas Nicolaevitch and Dimitri Valtsev established the landmark Pershinskaya Okhota kennel. Since the end of the 19th century, Borzois have been bred in all major kennels in the United States and Europe.


Viewed from above and the side, lean, long, narrow, aristocratic; viewed from the side, the lines of the skull and foreface form a long, slightly convex line, the line of the sagittal crest being straight or sloping slightly towards the occipital protuberance, which is pronounced; big, expressive eyes, very slightly prominent, colored dark hazelnut or dark brown, almond-shaped but not slanting, placed obliquely.



Broad, muscular, elastic back, forming a curve (more pronounced in males) with the loins and croup, the highest point of which is the middle of the loins or around the first or second lumbar vertebra.



Combinations of any colors, but never blue, brown (chocolate) or their derivatives; all colors may be uniform or pie.



Small, thin, mobile, set above eye level and far back, close to the nape when not alert.



Sickle or saber shaped, set low, thin, long.



Silky, soft and supple, wavy or forming short curls, but never small tight curls.


Borzois are large aristocratic dogs of lean yet robust constitution. Their bodies are slightly elongated, and females tend to be a little longer than males, with a strong bone structure but not massive. The bones are fairly flat under lean, well developed muscles, especially on the thighs, although it does not show in relief. Balance and harmony of movement are essential.Borzois are quiet and well balanced in daily life, but become suddenly excited when they see the game, reacting impetuously. They have a piercing gaze that can see over long distances.

Did you know ?

Individuals that exceed the maximum size are accepted provided they have the typical Borzoi morphology.


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