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Appenzell Cattle Dog

A rare breed that deserves a look

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Original Name : Appenzeller Sennenhund

Type : Lupoid

Other Names : Appenzeller

Male size : 20 ½-22 inches with a ¾ inch tolerance

Female size : 19¾-21 ¼ inches with a ¾ inch tolerance

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Switzerland


Traditionally used to drive and guard cattle and other beasts, as well as to protect the farmstead, Appenzellers are also versatile working dogs and outstanding family dogs. They belong to a tricolored, medium-sized, square-shaped breed of dog of good proportions. Muscular, highly mobile and agile, with a characteristic mischievous expression.


In good proportion to the body, slightly wedge-shaped.



Strong and compact. The back is of medium length, firm and straight. The lumbar region is short and muscular.



Black or Havana brown foundation, with symmetrical tan (brownish-red) or white markings.



Set broad and fairly high, drooping. At rest, flat and carried close to the cheeks.



Set high, strong, of medium length, bushy, with slightly longer hair on the underside.



Double coat, firm and well fitting. The topcoat is dense and brilliant. The dense undercoat is black, brown or gray.


The Appenzell Cattle Dog was first mentioned in 1853, in a book in German about Alpine fauna. It was described as a “shorthaired cattle dog of various colors, of medium sized and a clear voice,” sometimes in the form of a very homogenous Spitz type used to guard farms and herd cattle. In 1895, head forester Max Sieber, one of the breed’s main promoters, asked the Swiss canine association (S.C.S.) to take steps to protect the Appenzeller.These dogs are generally lively, full of high spirits and self-assured. They are fearless but distrustful of strangers. They are famous for being steadfast, but they are also wonderful companions and very receptive.

Did you know ?

The term “Appenzell Cattle Dog” is clearly defined today, compared to other Swiss Cattle Dogs. Appenzellers have found many admirers, but the breeding stock remains very small. Only a very careful breeding program will be able to retain and deepen the hereditary characteristics of this remarkable breed in their natural simplicity.


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