Anasayfa KÖPEĞİNİZ The puppy Growth, a key stage

Growth, a key stage


Growth, a key stage

Weaning period

A few weeks will be enough for the puppy, born blind and deaf, to be capable of taking his place in a family hierarchy which is different from that of his mother and siblings, once he has been well socialized and weaned.
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The growth curve

Whether they are small, medium, large or giant, puppies don’t all have the same growth. Growth curves enable to monitor the adequate growth trend, all the more so as it is not linear in time.
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Adequate feeding

In the dog, the growth stage is the most difficult physiological period in his life, as it is so rapid and intense. It’s during that period that the morphology of the adult dog and the harmony of his figure will be determined. The diet plays a major role in this construction.
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