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Living with your puppy


Living with your puppy


Bir köpek ile yaşamak sizi uzun süre bağlayacak bir karardır ve bu kararı verirken oldukça düşünmelisiniz. Bir köpek ortalama on yıldan fazla yaşar. Dolayısıyla, gereksinimleri sizin yaşam tarzınıza adapte olabilecek bir köpek seçmelisiniz, ancak aynı zamanda onunla birlikte yaşamayıda öğrenmelisiniz.
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Welcoming him

Whether your dog is an adult or a puppy newly separated from his mother, his welcome to his new home must be prepared. A number of rules should be applied at once upon his arrival, it will be all the easier for the dog to find his place in his new home.
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Feeding him

The period extending from birth through the end of growth is a period of intense development. Providing the puppy with a good diet is essential to obtain a harmonious growth and prevent pathological problems
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Training him

Just like vaccination or daily practice of an activity, training is one of man’s duties towards the dog as soon as he decides to make him his companion. It is the guarantee that the animal, his owner and his family circle will cohabit in harmony, but also that the dog will be integrated into society. Puppy training should start at the right time, when his ability to learn is optimal.
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Hygiene and maintenance

Looking after your puppy requires making regularly a few gestures that, provided throughout his whole life, will ensure him a good hygiene and enable you to discover what could prove to be abnormal signs warning you of a disease.
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